Agridark – The Premium Sports Turf

AgriDark is becoming known as the premium sports field turf through its excellent qualities in:

  • Rapid establishment – reducing down-time for new or re-sown fields
  • Rapid repair from heavy wear
  • Stands pressure in high-wear areas
  • Fabulous dark green colour
  • Low leaf water content means less slippage for sports fields
  • Compact rhizomes beneath the surface keeps the field surface secure
  • Low water requirement
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AgriDark is from the couch family which range from coarse varieties like Kikuyu and broad-leafed plants like buffalo grass to finer leafed couches. The fine leaf, colour, rapid establishment and wear qualities make AgriDark the premium product amongst the commercial couch varieties.

As with most other couch varieties it is a triploid which means it doesn’t seed and cannot be readily hybridized.

For Cricket Ovals

The feel underfoot, the roll of the ball, the ability to stand wear in the bowler’s run-up area and the cushioning effect when players dive for a low catch all go towards making this turf one of the best.

AgriDark makes an ideal cricket wicket because of its ability to hold the surface together and withstand wear.  As this fact becomes more widely known, more wickets will be sown in AgriDark and AgriLight which is even finer.

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Turf Properties

The more dark blue colour bars indicated below, the better the results

Weed Resistance
Disease Resistance
Wear Resistance
Shade Tolerance
Heat Resistance
Water Requirements
Insect Resistance

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